Originally Posted: January 02, 2012
Last Updated: July 4, 2017

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Mortgageapprovalhelp.ca is a free, no obligation mortgage quote service for residents of Ontario, Canada. Mortgageapprovalhelp.ca facilitates a connection with participating service providers offering suitable mortgages, loans, alternative financing, or credit & debt solutions best matching your specific needs. Mortgageapprovalhelp.ca quote service is absolutely free and you are under no obligation to accept any of the quotes or services provided by participating mortgage brokers, mortgage agents, debt relief, rent to own, or related service providers.


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Mortgageapprovalhelp.ca is owned and operated by Krohn Technical Services and is not required to be licensed as Mortgageapprovalhelp.ca is not a mortgage broker and does not arrange or provide mortgages, loans, or financing directly, and you are not completing a mortgage or loan application when submitting a free quote request form. All participating mortgage agents, brokers, and service providers who provide mortgage and/or loan products ARE fully FSCO accredited and licensed in Ontario.

Krohn Technical Services Inc. is not a lender, mortgage brokerage, mortgage agent, rent to own, or debt specialist and does not issues mortgages or make credit decisions in connection with any mortgages. Krohn Technical Services Inc. makes available but does not necessarily endorse or recommend the products of any particular lender, mortgage broker, or mortgage agent, on any of its websites. Krohn Technical Services Inc. is not an agent of you, the user, or any participating lender, mortgage broker, mortgage agent.


You authorize Krohn Technical Services Inc. to provide your information to up to four mortgage agents and / or mortgage brokers, rent to own, and/or debt specialists – whichever is most applicable. You also confirm that all of the information you have provided in your mortgage quote request is true and complete. Upon submission of a mortgage quote request NO CREDIT CHECK will be performed by Krohn Technical Services Inc. You understand that participating mortgage agents and/or mortgage brokers may retain your personal data for a period of time after it has been received, whether or not you are able to assist you.

Krohn Technical Services Inc. services are administrative and informational only. You should rely on your own judgment in deciding which available mortgage product best suits your needs and financial means.

Mortgageapprovalhelp.ca and the services provided through Krohn Technical Services Inc. are available only in connection with mortgage loans made on real property located in the province of Ontario unless otherwise specified. Mortgages may only be made to residents of, or secured by real property located in, provinces where participating mortgage agents / mortgage brokers are licensed or authorized to make such mortgages. Mortgage agents / mortgage brokers are not attempting to make loans outside of their authorized provinces by participating in and offering their products on Mortgageapprovalhelp.ca.

Krohn Technical Services Inc. and/or participating mortgage agents / mortgage brokers expressly reserve the right to discontinue, suspend or expire the offering of any loan or mortgage product in any specific province through MortgageApprovalhelp.ca. Krohn Technical Services Inc. does not guarantee acceptance into any particular loan or mortgage program or specific mortgage terms or conditions with any participating mortgage agent, broker, or lender; loan approval standards are established and maintained solely by individual lenders. Krohn Technical Services Inc. does not guarantee that the mortgage terms or rates offered and made available by participating mortgage agents, mortgage brokers, or mortgage lenders through Mortgageapprovalhelp.ca are the best terms or lowest rates available in the market. Unless expressly stated in writing, nothing contained herein shall constitute an offer or promise for a mortgage loan commitment or interest rate lock-in Terms of Use.

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In no event shall Krohn Technical Services Inc. be liable for (i) any incidental, consequential, or indirect damages (including, but not limited to, damages for loss of income, profits, business interruption, loss of programs or information, and any other similar losses) arising out of the use of or inability to use this service, or any information, or transactions provided on this service, or downloaded from this service, or any delay of such information or service. Krohn Technical Services Inc. or its authorized representatives have been advised of the possibility of such damages, or (ii) any claim attributable to errors, omissions, or other inaccuracies in the service and/or materials or information downloaded through the service. Because some provinces do not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages, the above limitation may not apply to you. In such provinces, Krohn Technical Services Inc’s liability is limited to the extent permitted by law.

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Any judgment or award rendered by the arbitrators may be entered in any court of competent jurisdiction in Ontario, Canada. The arbitrators shall not have the power to award damages in connection with any dispute in excess of actual compensatory damages and shall not multiply actual damages or award consequential, punitive or exemplary damages, and each party irrevocably waives any claim thereto. The Terms of Use to arbitrate shall not be construed as an agreement to the joinder or consolidation of an arbitration under this Terms of Use with an arbitration of disputes or claims of any non-party, regardless of the nature of the issues or disputes involved.

The Terms of Use and applicable conditions set out herein constitutes the entire understanding between you and Krohn Technical Services Inc. and supersedes all prior communications, whether oral, written or electronic, between you and Krohn Technical Services Inc. with respect to Mortgageapprovalhelp.ca and information, software, and services associated with it. This Terms of Use shall be subject to and construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of Ontario, Canada. If any part of this Terms of Use is determined to be invalid or unenforceable pursuant to applicable law including, but not limited to, the warranty disclaimers and liability limitations set forth above, then the invalid or unenforceable provision will be deemed superseded by a valid enforceable provision that most closely matches the intent of the original provision, and the remainder of the Terms of Use shall continue in effect.


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