Private Mortgages Basics

If you own a home and “traditional” lenders have turned you down, a first or second private mortgage might be a good solution for you.

Private first, and second mortgages are based heavily on LTV (loan to value) and are often easier to qualify for because they are based on your homes equity, not other factors such as proof of income or credit issues.

Our Lenders Invest in People Not Just Numbers

Most private mortgages are funded through investors who are seeking a greater return on their financial investments. Our private lenders are considered high risk mortgage lenders and are comfortable and often experienced with investments that are secured against real estate. They look past what conventional lenders won’t, such as bad credit, bankruptcy, and environmental or zoning issues. Our partnering private mortgage lenders invest in people and property and not on just reports and numbers.

Private mortgage investors may review documents such as bank statements, appraisals, employment letters, to feel more confident about the loan. An experienced mortgage agent can help present your story to show them why you, and your property are a smart investment.

Experience Matters when Applying for a Private Mortgage

Every investor has different levels of comfort. That’s why it’s wise to use a brokerage that has experience working with private deals. Our partners are one of few FSCO licensed private mortgage administrators in Ontario. They have decades of experience and hundreds of private mortgage investors who have come to trust us with their investments. As a client, you leverage this trust when applying for private funding.

Many private mortgage investors even consider farm mortgages, modular home mortgages, commercial mortgages, cottage or vacation property, and in some cases, mortgages on vacant land.

Secure Your Private Mortgage Today

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