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4 Reasons This Program May Be Right For You:


FLEXIBLE TERMS: It’s easier to qualify than traditional bank loans. No proof of income required for many of our partners when purchasing, as long as you have 5% down payment for a purchase price. When refinancing, up to 90% loan to value may be accepted with some of our lending partners.

LESS PAPERWORK AND HASSLE: Our partners often don’t require multiple detailed financial statements or income verification.

PERSONAL CREDIT: Approval is based on your personal credit history, not your business history.

RESIDENTIAL OR BUSINESS: Mortgages available on residential single-family, owner-occupied properties and in a conventional (uninsured) or high-ratio (insured) form.


Our Partners Specialize In Business For Self People.

Don’t let the big banks discourage you. You do have options.

Take a few minutes to complete the online quote request and then relax. Within the next 24 hours*, you’ll have all the answers you need to make confident decisions about your mortgage.

* Quote requests Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm EST.

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No Hidden Fees or Commitment:

Unlike some lenders or mortgage brokers you won’t find any fees secretly buried in the paperwork.

Our lending partners believe in full transparency and disclosure throughout the entire process.

They want you to feel completely confident about your choices. There is no commitment, obligation, or cost for a mortgage quote.

Our role is to connect you with the people who can provide details about rates, terms, related costs, and the best possible advice for your unique situation, but ultimately YOU decide if you are comfortable accepting an offer.

Access To Surprisingly Competitive Rates:

Millions of dollars in in mortgage loans have been processed through our partners.

Why is this important?

Because it is this volume that helps ensure our lending partners offer you some of the most competitive refinance rates on the market – for your situation.


An Array of Self Employed Loans:

When you request a free quote, our partners leverage a range of finance sources such as chartered banks, trust companies, credit unions, non traditional lenders, or private lenders, to get you approved and at the lowest interest rate for your situation.

With dozens of lending products at your disposal, we’re confident they can provide you with a mortgage quote you will be pleased with.

Efficient Close:

Our partners are not just a 9 to 5 people.

They work tirelessly to make sure you get the best possible quote and your loan closed in as short a time as possible!

Even if it means working through the night to get your time sensitive deal closed. !

Experience Working with Business Owners:

With thousands of clients and over hundreds of million of dollars financed, our partners have the experience to get you approved at the lowest rate for your situation.

You can feel confident knowing they will handle every detail of your loan efficiently from start to close.

Ongoing Communication:

Our partners understand communication is key. They keep you informed and feeling comfortable about the details every step of the way!


Finding the right mortgage loan can be stressful. From the time you request your free mortgage quote, to the day you close on your loan, our partners make the entire process as convenient, easy, and as low stress as possible.
Bottom line, they know you’re busy, so they cut the red tape out as much as possible.

Ontario Wide Service:

Our partners connect people with mortgage solutions all across Ontario. For clients at a distance, they’ve streamlined the entire mortgage application process. Through phone, fax, and email, all paperwork is efficiently and securely handled in minimal time.

Trusted Experts in What They Do:

For years our partners have been helping people like you find the perfect mortgage loans. They are members of many organizations that set the “gold standard” in ethics and knowledge of its associates for the mortgage industry.

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Free Mortgage Quote:

Buying a new home? Need to pull your equity? Get a free mortgage quote for a primary residence, second property, or investment property in as little as 24 hours. 3 Easy Steps. Compare Rates, Terms, & Options.

Step 1:

Use the quote box to request your free initial quote from one of our respected lenders.

Step 2:

Discuss next steps in person or over the phone to talk in-depth about your financing options.

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