Home Loans For Most Situations:

A non conventional mortgage is usually looked at when someone falls outside of the traditional lending “box”. It could be poor credit, change in financial status due to a divorce, recent job loss, illness, the list of reasons is endless. Our finance partners have a range of flexible mortgage options for primary residences, second properties, vacation homes, cottages, and even investment properties.

Searching for a home loan and experiencing rejection can be frustrating and feel overwhelming. Our lending partners take the time to listen. They walk you through the entire process. They guide you through your options and take the time to explain any aspects of the transaction you should be aware of.

You’re just a free quote request away from accessing unconventional financing solutions, one of which may just fit your unique needs.


Fixed Rate Mortgage:

Provides a secure interest rate that stays the same for the entire length of your mortgage term.

What is it? A fixed-rate mortgage loan is a fully amortizing loan where your interest rate remains the same through the term, as opposed to variable rate purchase loans where your interest rate may “float” (based on economic conditions).

Who is it for? If you are more comfortable with the stability and security of paying a fixed amount every month, and plan to stay in your home long-term, a fixed rate mortgage may be right for you.

Variable Rate Mortgage:

A favourable choice for many clients. The past 30 years indicate that purchasing with a variable rate mortgage is a better loan option than a fixed rate by more than 80% of the time.

What is it? A variable-rate mortgage interest rate may periodically adjust based on prime lending rate. This adjustment can affect the cost of borrowing (increase or decrease) on your loan. Long-term, variable rates have proven to be the least expensive.

Up To 25 Year Amortization:

The main benefit is a smaller monthly mortgage payment than with a longer amortization.

Who is it for? Ideal if your goal is a lower monthly payment. A 25 year mortgage can be what you are looking for. Take longer to payoff your mortgage and bring down your monthly payment, we can help you decide if a 25 year amortization loan makes sense for you.

Non Conventional – Insured:

If you have less than 25% down payment, an unconventional mortgage (insured mortgage) may be a good option for you.

With less than 25% down payment you pay an insurance premium, but are able to still get financing. Our partners will work hard to get you the lowest interest rate possible, bringing down your overall cost of borrowing. Our partners work with lenders to ensure the most competitive terms when purchasing with a non conventional home loan. They can help you decide if this mortgage loan type is right for you.

Damaged Credit Mortgages:

Getting a mortgage with poor credit can be a challenge. Many banks simply refuse to deal with people who have poor credit. We connect you to a network of high-ratio and non-conventional lenders that can help you get approved.

Even with damaged credit, there may still be mortgage loan solutions available to you. You get access to several traditional and non-traditional lenders. For over 5 years we’ve been helping clients with bruised credit get approved. Our partners specialize in finding mortgage products for people who may have been declined for mortgages in the past or who are struggling to service their existing debt. So smile, more often than not they can help. Request your quote today.

Interest Only Mortgages:

Normally for shorter periods, interest only purchase loans offer lower monthly payments.

What is it? An interest-only purchase loan is a loan set for a term, wherein the borrower pays only the interest on the principal balance, but with the principal balance unchanged. At the end of the term the borrower may continue the interest-only mortgage, pay the principal, or (with some lenders) convert the loan to a principal and interest payment (or amortized) loan at his/her option.

Who is it for? If your goal is a smaller payment with the option to renew into a principal and interest mortgage when the term is up, an interest only purchase loan may be right for you.

Business for Self / Self Employed:

Mortgage options for self-employed borrowers who can explain and prove capacity to repay without traditional GDS/TDS requirements.

What is it? A purchase loan designed for those who are self employed or a business owner. Instead of T4’s our lenders look at your credit history and 3 year’s financial statements, notice of assessments and/or tax returns… or combination of. Without having to fit into traditional GDS/TDS guidelines, self employed borrowers have a better option when purchasing a mortgage.

Who is it for? For business owners or self employed individuals who are able to present financial history by either 3 years notice of assessments, tax returns and/or financial statements. Request your free quote today, our lending partners can can help you decide if this is the option for you. If you are unable to prove income and are self employed, a No Income Verification Loan might be better for you.

New Construction (Completion) or Progress Draw Mortgage Loans:

Building a new home can be a bit overwhelming but your mortgage experience shouldn’t be.

Our lending partners have multiple mortgage options for newly built or to-be built homes.

What is it? A Completion Mortgage is designed for new construction. A completion mortgage requires one payment to the builder from the lender once the house has been built. The down payment comes from your own resources. A Progress Draw mortgage is disbursed typically in 3 intervals, somewhere at approximately 35%, 65% and then final at 100% completion of the home.

Who is it for? For anyone looking to build their dream home, be their own contractor or buy one just built with the builder’s own funds. Request your free quote today, and get the details needed to decide if this is the option for you.

Open and Closed Purchase Loans:

An open purchase loan is designed for those who are looking to payoff their mortgage sooner without penalties with a low rate, within lender`s guidelines. Opposite an open mortgage is a closed mortgage loan, which is designed for those who are happy to pay a set payment over the term of the loan and in turn receive an even lower rate then an open purchase loan.

Not sure which mortgage is right for you? We are here to help. Start your free quote online.