Less Red Tape, More Chances To Get A Mortgage For Entrepreneurs And New Canadians


Without the documents needed to qualify for a mortgage, self-employed and new immigrants find it difficult to buy a home.

However, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) CEO Evan Siddall said that they are looking at their policies to make it easier for entrepreneurs and new immigrants to apply for a home loan.

saving your house from drowning in debt

How To Lower High Credit Card Debt: Simple DIY Method

Too many credit cards with a high balance?

Here’s a little technique anyone drowning in a sea of credit card debt can apply today (and start seeing results tomorrow).

We’re about to throw you a life jacket.

If you simply apply this one principle to your financial life you’ll be able to breathe again, confront the debt issues that are weighing you down and start to retake your life.

Are you ready?

OK then, here’s how to lower high credit card debt on your own.


person thinking about buying a home

Refinancing Definition: Every Refinance “Buzz Word” Explained.

So what exactly is the definition of refinancing? And what are some of the terms you should know when thinking about refinancing your home?

This post will help answer both of these questions, and ensure you stay informed when speaking to your lender about refinancing your home.

The following is a list of buzz words that may come at you during your discussions. Keep this list handy so that you can circle back to it after your call and look up what some of fine print actually means..

old pensioners on swing

Mortgages For Pensioners:
The Best Ways To Get Financing Now


Have you worked hard your entire life, saving money and building a solid pension for your Golden Years?

Now, you might want to see which mortgages are available for pensioners. Owning your home can give senior citizens many benefits, which our partners will discuss.

Also, our partners will review government programs and private financing. Afterwards, you will be able to find the best mortgages for pensioners.

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How To Transfer a Mortgage To a Family Member, The Easy Way


In the good ol’ days, family land was simply passed on from one generation to another. This was useful for building up family farms, especially. Each generation could learn how to till the same piece of land.

Nowadays, even city slickers might want to transfer a mortgage within their families. This insures that both younger and older generations, are well-taken-care-of.

Here is how to transfer a mortgage to a family member, the easy way.

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Home Equity Assistance: 4 Safe Ways To Use Your Home’s Equity


Nearly 7 out of 10 Canadians own their homes. By taking out a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC), you can improve your cash flow for a variety of situations.

However, in terms of your financial well-being, some reasons to use your home’s equity are safer than others.

Here are 4 safe ways and 2 not-so-smart reasons to use your home’s equity.

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Home Purchase Offer: Here’s How To Do It The Right Way!

Are you prepared to make a home purchase offer?

This can be an exciting time, but if you’re not a lawyer, realtor or professional negotiator by trade, you might worry about making a serious mistake. Here’s how to do it the right way.

Making a Offer to Purchase a Home

The home buying process can be an emotional roller coaster. It’s hard not to get a sentimental attachment to a certain property. It’s easy to forget how much you can truly afford in all the excitement.

Of course, you need to find a house within your price range, but how can you make a bid that is satisfactory to the seller, but within your budget?

Here are guidelines on what to include in an offer to purchase, along with common mistakes to avoid.

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Need to Apply For a House Loan Online?

Remember These 4 Tips And 3 Steps

Applying for a house loan online can be a very convenient option, allowing you to compare house loan types side-by-side, which improves your decision-making.

However, before you arrive at the final step of selecting criteria, you should make sure that all of your “ducks are in a row.”
Remember these 4 tips for how to get a mortgage.
After you have created a solid financial foundation, only then should you start to fill out any online application forms.

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Rent or Buy a Home?

Use These 3 Pro Tips To Help You Decide


Doesn’t it seem like everyone around you is buying a home these days?

For good reason, there are so many advantages to home ownership.

How about you?

Are you currently renting? Ever wonder if it is better to rent or buy a home for your situation?

Use these 3 pro tips to help you decide.

Long VS Short Term Mortgage: Which is Better for You?


Our Canadian mortgage market has created a flexible system for finding home finance.

Canadian homeowners can choose between a variety of lengths for their mortgages, which are loosely categorized as short or long term mortgages.

Read on to discover which type is better for you.